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Yoruba lady advised Naija men not to give money or gifts to ladies after s@x: video

The lady urged men to stand on their feet to stop giving money or gifts to ladies because they had s@x together. They both enjoyed it and what is the need for it. Ladies should appreciate men who sleep with them.

People believe s@x is having the highest pleasure. They do not understand that life is precious and must not be lost except as a last resort.
After s@x, the power of the body, the power of the mind and the power of speech decrease. All the diseases in the body are due to s@xual involvement. The physical strength, the mental strength, the intellectual strength and the power of egoism; all of these are exhausted because of non.

The inner faculty of knowledge and vision becomes trapped in s@x, it destroys all divinity within one. With the loss of divinity, one becomes like an animal.

S@xuality is born out of attraction and from that, repulsion occurs. When repulsion arises, it gives rise to causes for revenge in the next life. Therefore, s@x is a cause of vengeance.
The ultimate extract of our nourishment is semen and it is dissipated and lost in sex.
S@x only leads to a lower life form. This is because millions of jivas (embodied souls) die in a single act of sex! Even if one does not have the understanding, he still takes on the liability, doesn’t he!
S@x is such that one day’s sexual activity does not let one attain any meaningful concentration on anything for three days. There would be instability in the concentration and focus on any task. When one abstains from s@x for a month, his stability in concentration and focus is greatly improved.
The illusion of s@x is such that it will sink all, even the one who thinks that he has no attachment to anything in the world. This illusion of sex has sunk great saints and masters from tremendous spiritual heights.
Millions of living forms die in only one act of sexual intercourse. And all these jivas take revenge in one form or another.
S@x carries tremendous liability.

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