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Woman organises her own funeral forces friends to mourn’ her as she lies in coffin for hours

Never before has a funeral sounded so much fun. A lady who was curious about what it’s like to be a corpse wanted to have a funeral for herself… before she died.

Mayra Alonzo is now very well, choosing her own coffin, clothing, and sometimes commenting on the people who came to her funeral. We understand her fascination with death, which is a path that we can only take once in our lives.

Her funeral was rehearsed with her family and friends.

She’s made them’mourn’ for her 59-year-old self’s death. In the Dominican Republic, the incident was videotaped and went viral. She spent about $1,000 (£710) in Santiago for the fake funeral. Of course, it was much less expensive (and more enjoyable) than attending a traditional funeral, which can cost much more depending on the type of burying/cremation used.

She wore white, a flower crown, and tissues to cover her nostrils to complete the look.

Following that, Marya’s family and friends stepped up to her coffin to say their final goodbyes. Some people would remember happy times they had with the woman. Marya, on the other hand, was not going anywhere.

Mayra said that this was a dream come true for her, and that it had taught her a bit about funerals and death. And she had her fair share of fun while doing so!

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