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Woman advised Naija ladies to toast men they like to marry them (video)

It is a big problem for beautiful ladies in Nigeria a man to propose to them for marriage because of their status,

Nigerian men are guilty of many things. But one of their worst sins has to be how they toast women. If you don’t believe women

It is believed that a woman should not ask a man out even if she has a special feeling for him. Any woman who does so in Nigeria is considered cheap. But with the level of civilization in the country, things have really changed. Ladies now go out of their way to toast men of their dream. Some do it without mincing words.

The woman advised ladies to humble themselves and approach any man they wish to be their boyfriend for marriage than wasting time for the right partner to approach them.

The women get old and it affects the age at the time of giving birth to babies or having s@x.

Watch the video here:

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