Video vixen, Bolanle’s estranged husband tenders public apology days after calling her out on social media

Abiodun Lincoln, the estranged husband of Nigerian video vixen, Bolanle, has tendered a public apology to her after he called her out on social media.

The couple caught many people by surprise when the crisis rocking their marriage which was contracted six months ago, hit the internet. Lincoln went on his Instagram page to ask Bolanle to leave his house, accusing her of being destructive. The incident soon evolved into a ”mini-series” online with Lincoln going on a tirade, accusing Bolanle of having a child with him for clout and forcing him to get married to her. He went on IG live to say Bolanle is just a baby mama who he married out of pity and that she’s a second wife and his first wife, a “good woman,” is in South Africa.

He has now tendered a public apology to Bolanle. In a video shared on his IG page, Lincoln said;

”I will like to use this opportunity to sincerely apologise first and foremost to my wife, Mrs Bolanle for my actions in the last couple of weeks, especially on social media. Those acts of mine were very unnecessary and uncalled for. All I said was in the heat of the moment.

I will like to specifically apologise to my wife for calling her all soughts of names. My son, I apologise to you too. Although you are not aware of my actions but I believe that sometime in futrue you will.

My wife, I pray and hope that you can find somewhere in your heart to accept my sincere apology.

He also tendered an apology to his mother-in-law and inlaws as well as the Lagos state government.


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