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Unilorin student beats female lecturer to coma: video

Yes, the incident is too true but the lecturer is now in stable condition. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof Abdulkareem Age visited her in the company of some Deans and other university staff. They further described the incident as unfortunate and sad and assured justice will be done on the matter. He ordered proper care of the victim on the bill of the university,” Akogun said.

According to one Ishowo Oluwatosin, friends of the student claimed that he had been having “strange dreams” of people trying to strangle him.

There have been many narratives on the Unilorin incident on a student that attacked a lecturer. Unfortunately, I know the guy in question, I didn’t even know it was him in the video until someone said you don’t that is “Captain Walz?’ I was like Salaudeen Waliyu?
The thing is that as a politician on campus, I got to know many people and Captain Walz is a very fine talent, excellent with his craft and capable of leaving you impressed if you’re a lover of music. Beyond that, his colleagues were in my Faculty, Faculty of Education, so he frequents my Faculty well, and I can’t count the number of events Captain Walz, Unlimited Boy and Oscar Dice used my surname “Ishowo” to rap whenever they see me on seat.
There’s a fourth guy called Instru Voice who can make practically any kind of beats and sounds with his mouth, Captain Walz and Unlimited Boy raps well with this guy at the back doing his craft. Waliyu’s girlfriend, now ex was like a sister to me, we share close relationship that the relationship was not hidden from me. So, to an extent, I know Captain Walz well, in terms of character and attitude and those who know him before now will testify that he was a very collected guy.
What went wrong with him? Drugs or village people? There have been many theories and opinions. The closest one that I can fathom and conclude on is drugs not village people. According to his friends, he has been having strange dreams, seeing people want to strangle him in his sleep, many people don’t know that even weed is capable of causing “nightmare disorder”. The disorder may be rare but it happens, as a Social Studies graduate, drug abuse is not a strange topic to us. Drugs/substances abuse are capable of causing disorders that can even be mistaken to be spiritual, they even lead to hallucinations.
There are confirmation that he smokes weed, and his closest friend confirmed to me that the last time they met, he was “okay” and they spent couple of days together, the only thing Walz complained about was how life is difficult, he didn’t say more than that to him before they departed. Also, how success appeared closer and the next moment, he’s at the first step again. That’s “near success syndrome” and even if you don’t end up doing drugs to get by, that syndrome is capable of making you have personality disorder or you may lose who you are if you give in to it.
Testimonies by students and colleagues of the woman that was attacked in the University established that the woman is kind, easy going and simple to relate with. Previous scenarios and some info I can’t share here points to the fact that something is wrong with Salaudeen Waliyu (Captain Walz). What all medias are not doing is finding out what made a gifted, calm and charactered person like Waliyu a changed person?
Note: This is an expression and not a judgement on the person of Waliyu, I’m not speaking with any authority either. I’m only saying what I know and heard about the guy in question. Again, it’s not supposed to concern me but it’s worrisome how a normal person you know can become another thing overnight.

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