Stop taking money from men after sleeping with them: Vydash advises (video)

The lady advised ladies not to rely on men for money in a relationship. Ladies should take care of themselves first before demanding from men to take care of their bills.

Stop taking money from men after sleeping with them. That is cheapness – Vydash advises.

However, the attraction has many other dimensions. A mature man will be attracted to women who are bright, self-affirming, and honest about their own thoughts

Packaging yourself first to determine the kind of standard you set for yourself.

A lady who pursues and forms a relationship with someone else for the sole purpose of using or taking that person’s money and wealth. a lady do not have an honest emotional or physical attraction to their partner; rather, their goal is to enter into a relationship in order to have access to the target’s wealth.

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Having the ability to pay for things is a nice benefit of being wealthy. It is natural to want to spend money on people you are attracted to and love. As with all things in healthy relationships, however, this is also a two-way street. If your partner never offers to pay for anything, they might be setting the stage for what your future with them will be like if you get more serious.

Watch the video here:

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