Remember slay queen who slept with 919 men in one day

A woman having a sexual relationship in a day goes into the norm, can even get to have multiple relationships on the same day, but she wouldn’t even remotely think about having sex with 100 men in one day and, in the case of the vast majority, not even in a lifetime.

And if this in itself already sounds crazy, not to think that a woman could get to have sex with almost a thousand men on the same day.

Well, it happened and it’s one of the most touted sex records. The protagonist: Lisa Sparks, an erotic film actress born in Kentucky, USA, in 1976 and who became known for beating in 2004 one of the most extreme sex records.

The woman, 1 meter and 73 centimetres tall, clear eyes and who also obtained a master in Art with a speciality in multimedia, has participated in more than 300 films for adults and claims to be very comfortable with the work she does, not only because she likes her esp bear, but because, according to it, it is quite a hobby that leaves them economic income.

In 1995, when she was 18, she married an American soldier and it was he who, in 2002, after moving to Redondo Beach, hinted at her the idea of working as an erotic actress or, as she likes to call herself, a mattress actress.

Lisa, after entering the industry in 2002, reached the record for which she achieved worldwide fame when in just 24 hours she had sex with 919 men, taking 1 minute and 57 seconds in each relationship, according to the organizers of the eve nto, although in some cases it took less than the minute, making the record mathematically possible, because one day has exactly 1440 minutes.

The event was held in the framework of the Eroticon of 2004, held on 16 October 2004 in the city of Warsaw, in Poland, and where, in pass, its record was recorded and certified. Since then his participation in industry events and films has increased considerably. Today, and although he has significantly gained weight, to the point of hovering around 90 kilos, he is still carrying out his activity.

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