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Slay queen was embarrassed by okada men because she didn’t wear pant & bra showing her curve (video)

The lady was embarrassed by okada riders who were watching her curve shaking left and right as she walk along the road toward them to take a bike in their garage.

The lady wanted to fight back at them but to warn them to stop harassing her in public openly.

Nobody or her boyfriend could not help her situation as she was left with shame. According to many Nigerian ladies, wearing tight panties, especially for prolonged periods of time, restricts airflow, creating extra heat and moisture in the v@ginal area, which can cause infection.

As a lady, nothing is sexier than owning your power and that includes your body and how you choose to adorn it.

Making a conscious choice to break free from society’s universally accepted rules and standards of dress can be profoundly liberating.

In fact, just walking around secretly knowing you aren’t wearing anything under your clothes can boost your body confidence and make you feel extra s@xy and perhaps even a little naughty.

Watch the video here:

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