She was not allowed to board a flight to Dubai because of her size but she enjoys s@x- PM Reigns cries out: video

PM reigns, a Ghanaian plus- size dancer, recently disclosed the difficulties she faces as a result of her size.

She said that a foreign airline once barred her from boarding a flight due to a scale that could not fit a single airplane seat.

Further, the dancer said that she did not fully enjoy herself whenever she went to the movies or restaurants because a single seat could not comfortably accommodate her.

To that end, she encouraged the general public to remember them if they’ re manufacturing some goods in order to have their own size.

” I was unable to travel on airplane to see the world because of my size. Besides, some people do even question me to ask if I’ m able to get my pant size or she do sew them.

When it comes to physical appearance, many people, whether male or female, have a favorite form of physique they want to see in others or in themselves.

Similarly, some people prefer slim women, while others prefer plus- size women.

People with a large physique, especially women or ladies, tend to attract the attention of society due to the distinctive features they are typically endowed with.

This unique feature, especially in females, does not, however, come without its own set of challenges, such as finding the right size of undies in the market or finding comfortable chairs, to name a few.

As a result, various reactions to the famous Ghanaian dancer’ s remarks have continued to pour in.

@Amara Decency, But truth be told you need to pay for two in a public bus, the last time I shared keke with two big People I cried In my heart, and you guys are always inconsiderate. i had to ask one of them guming body on me if I’ m on a free ride.

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