See what African men face with their wives in USA when they have green card as citizen: video

Men should learn lesson from the man who is having serious problems with his wife in USA.

The woman is given the man high blood pressure and the man could not have pece of mind he used to enjoy before he invited his wife from Africa to USA and all his family to live permanent together.

The woman called police every moment they had little argument but unfortunately for her one day, she lied on a faithful day to call police and the man called police too.they arrived and found out that she was lying and the both police men advised the man to pack out of the house.

That was how the man escaped the woman and left the house for his wife,seeking for divorce.

The policemen witnessed the marital issues facding the man which he had endured for many years with his wife who he just brought to USA to stay with him.

The man had no place to stay but his office.

Watch the video:

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