Reasons women do not like sex again after marriage: video

Sex with the same person “can start to feel formulaic” after a while,Instead of looking at it as the same old, same old,
reminding yourself that this is something special that only you and your partner share. That, and doing what you can to spice things up. Try taking a vacation together and having hotel sex, or working in some new positions. “Anything that can make sex feel new is great,” she says. And, if things still aren’t working for you, it may be time to consider couples therapy.

A change in hormone levels and body changes that occur during pregnancy may impact libido,” says Brito. But this can go either way: Some women notice a higher sex drive during pregnancy, while others notice a decrease. Either is okay! But if a drop in your desire is interfering with your happiness or relationship, go ahead and “discuss any concerns with your medical provider, partner, and/or therapist,Remember when you and your wife were dating? It was really difficult to keep your hands off each other.

You wanted her and she wanted you. That felt so good. It was awesome. There’s no better feeling than being desired. After marriage, and particularly after having kids, things have a way of changing. You are still ready to go every night, but she’s not. What happened? You feel like you rarely have sex anymore, and when you do, it feels like she’s doing you a favour.

Her body has changed since having kids. She knows it and she probably thinks about it all the time, constantly comparing herself to other women. Even when she returns to her pre-kid body, I guarantee she’s still comparing–desperate for affirmation. The best place she can get it is from you.

Studies show that over the course of a relationship, a woman’s desire for sex decreases while her desire for tenderness increases. The problem is that our desire for sex stays just as high as always. Even at its highest state, her appetite might not have been as high as yours and probably never will be.

Action: Recognize this reality and be patient with her. Reach out to her with physical and emotional tenderness. That’s what she wants and needs. Try to meet her needs before your own.

Motherhood is exhausting, emotionally draining, and stressful. Once again, depending on the depth of her anxiety and/or depression, you may want to seek counseling.

Action: Give her some rest. Take the kids out for a day, run some errands for her, or clean the house. If she is stressed or depressed, rub her shoulders without her having to ask you to do it. Give her a foot or full body massage. Tell her to kick back and relax. Give her music to listen to and light some candles. Take her tension away.

Women put a lot of pressure on themselves to be the perfect mom–to have it all together. They beat themselves up for every little mistake or lack of knowledge. They compare and can obsess over eliminating imperfections. Sometimes our relationship as husband and wife gets lost. That’s not good.

Watch the video and see what women pass through in marriage, learn how to make your marriage works without demanding sex all the time from your wife and avoid going outside to sleep with prostitute or side chicks :

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