Reasons people in Texas now forced to poop in nylon bags as power outage occasioned by a winter storm extends

For days now, there has been a power outage in Texas caused by a winter storm. To make matters worse, water treatment plants have lost power, making it impossible to supply water to homes.

Millions of Texas residents are without power amid frigid temperatures. Now, some must also cope with bursting water pipes – the latest effect of a winter storm that has pummeled much of the U.S.

Also, there’s been multiple broken water pipes after winter turned the water to ice.

This means people do not have water to bathe or flush after a visit to the bathroom.

A Nigerian woman living in Texas took to Twitter to share a photo of how they now poop since there’s no water.

In the photo, a nylon bag is seen placed in the toilet.

“Omo, we’re finished in Texas. No water, no light, and it’s snowing,” she wrote.

Texans shivered under blankets as their electricity flickered off and temperatures inside their homes plummeted. Some awoke on Tuesday to find icicles had formed from dripping kitchen faucets. And in a Houston suburb, a woman and her three grandchildren who had been relying on a fireplace for heat were killed after the authorities said a blaze engulfed their home.

As a winter storm forced the state’s power grid to the brink of collapse, millions of residents were submerged this week into darkness, bitter cold and a sense of indignation over being stuck in uncomfortable and even dangerous conditions. The strain revealed the vulnerabilities of a distressed system and set off a political fight as lawmakers called for hearings and an inquiry into the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the operator managing the flow of electricity to more than 26 million customers.

The storm, among the worst in a generation in Texas, led to the state’s grid becoming overwhelmed as supply withered against a soaring demand. Record-breaking cold weather spurred residents to crank up their electric heaters and pushed the need for electricity beyond the worst-case scenarios planned for by grid operators. At the same time, many of the state’s gas-fired power plants were knocked offline amid icy conditions, and some plants appeared to suffer fuel shortages as natural gas demand spiked nationwide.

Electric company officials across the state said the storm had created dueling challenges: the physical damage to infrastructure as trees snapped and power lines fell and also the surge in demand, which prompted rotating blackouts on homes and businesses. Officials said transformers were failing as they were operating with a level of demand usually seen on 100-degree summer days.

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