Portable Zazoo Zeh flexes with Igbo lady (video)


Portable Zazoo Zeh said a lot of things on his page to his fans that you no get money 💰 Go Do Money Ritual 😎 Zazooo Bizza Bizza Portable Omolalomi set awon shine shine lady never broke Niggerz Ganstar Naija talk and do Zeh Nation African Mafia ❌🧢oti koo Zeh kon to ZehRiEee.

The slay lady who was with him for hookup was feeling on top of the world as he said a lot of things that if man no get money, men will sl@ep your wife and nothing will happen but you have money, sle@p any man wife, nothing will happen.

The lady who was with him was responding back, Amen Amen, Amen with all Zazoo was saying with confidence on air during the recording.

Tudeme Franklin replied him that his small money wey dem dash you so body don dey catch you and Israel Israel Greateasy replied him also that he was very funny. Just first album you do dey show yourself. Even your first album, they Still feature you inside on top of your own song o.
Better calm down and learn the game very well, like wiz-kid, Olamide, etc, if not you won’t even last for that industry. Anyway, let me just remind you, Zazoo.

Watch the video here:

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