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Policeman slapped a married woman and stabbed a man in Lagos

Written by Wahala

The man in the videos below whe claims to be a policeman attached to Pedro Police Station, Shomolu — today assaulted a female resident of Awofodu Street, Pedro and a man who was spotting a dreadlocked hair.

He also assaulted another and stabbed a third. a crowd gathered challenging him while he made calls probably to officers from his station.


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  • That is why,You need to run away from Nigeria policemen,They are wicked and rude in public to citizens.

  • These Policemen need to go for Psychiatric evaluation because they can keep their argry when they are abuse in public.

  • And you guys just stood still and watch him did this, because he claimed to be a policeman? Until we rise to occasions like this, this country belongs to the few privileged.I trust Mushin boys, they will deal will him and he will not forget that day in his life

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