Peter Okoye reminds Cynthia Morgan after she narrated losing all to Jude Okoye

Peter Okoye of the defunct Psquare music Group has reminded Cynthia Morgan of how she rejected the contract he gave her, after she narrated how she “lost everything” associated with her music career to his elder brother and CEO of Northside Records, Jude Okoye.

LIB reported earlier that Cynthia Morgan who narrated her ordeal in an Instalive session, said she lost her stage name, Instagram account, royalty and VEVO account due to the contract she signed witth Jude Okoye.

Reacting to Cynthia’s disclosure, Peter Okoye revealed that he also decided to cut off the relationship he had with his elder brother and twin brother Paul Okoye 3 years ago, to be free. He also recalled how Cynthia Morgan rejected the contract he gave her because “they” made him look like the bad egg.

Peter encouraged the dancehall star never to give up and also to understand that God has a purpose for everything. He tweeted;

My dear C Morgan, The decision i made 3yrs ago was never about the fame,money or power! It was for my FREEDOM!

Sad you rejected the contract i gave u. Just because they made you see me like the bad egg. I pray you understand that God has a purpose for everything. Never give up

The Truth shall prevail. God will surely see you through C Morgan… Gnight

And some people thought i was stupid when I made the right decision. My dear C Morgan! it’s never to late to be what you might have been. God will surely see you through and carry you through the storm. Keep believing.

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  • That’s why men will always be smarter, women always going to be the lesser gender, if she had listened to a man, I’m sure things would’ve gone well for her, but no, she decided to follow all these online feminists. I’m sure they’ll rush to dislike comments here, nobody judges good comments by dislikes.

  • This is why Nigeria will never move forward. We are ready to cover the truth because of a facade of relationship, even if that relationship is extremely parasitic. This Jude guy doesn’t seem like someone who respect relationship and a leech of other people’s talent. I admire Peter, he speaks his truth and loves his family; at least those that matter to him, respect him and who have his back and believe in his vision.

  • Business is business. the moment i heard her in the interview saying she has dirts on jude bla bla, i knew she was making a very bad move.Cynthia Morgan was wack and her career died a natural death. Rest In Peace to her career. She’s just looking for who to blame.

  • This is the problem with artist, when they become big they feel they own the world. You came begging, when they helped build your brand now you start insisting you want to change your name to Madrina and you were fronting the name in your videos like in the video of “Baby Mama” etc. Do you know how important your name is? You just smoke waterside crack begin dey change things, where are all those boys wey bin dey high with you for house dey play loud music? You were too stubborn and difficult to control. She’s one of the reasons people feel discouraged to invest in the music industry. God bless Jude, God will surely replenish double fold. I’m disappointed in Cynthia Morgan walahi. The truth is, she’s a working time bomb and anybody that deals with her should expect the unexpected when she gets back on her feet.

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