Nkechi Blessing Sunday continues to react to her ex’s allegation that she is ‘dirty’ (video)


Nkechi Blessing Sunday has continued to dispute her ex Opeyemi David Falegan’s claim that she is ‘dirty.’

Falegan claimed Nkechi wears one pant for 3 days and would go without brushing her teeth when they were dating.

Nkechi has denied this by revealing that she hasn’t worn pants since she was 18.

In a recent interview with Freeze, she reiterated that she doesn’t wear pants. She said that she sometimes wears a bodysuit in place of panties, but even that is rare.

She also denied ODF’s claim that she is dirty.

She said she is so clean that she dips her finger in her private part and puts the same finger in her mouth.

Watch her speak in the video here:

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