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Naija man took advantage of unconscious lady pressing her bre@st while lying on ground (video)


The good-hearted man who came first helped her by beating her chest but when the second guy came from the back, he inserted his hand inside the unconscious lady’s bra and pressed her bre@st with passion.

The man did not know that someone was watching him as he was pressing the lady bre@st pretending he was giving her help. Ladies should trust nobody when you are in a problem especially those who you do not know.

Although the general allure of women’s bre@sts isn’t a huge mystery. Naija guys are attracted to boobs shows that men’s relationship with them is more complicated than just keeping their eyes up there. Some guys might love and be turned on by staring at big boobs. Plenty more love bre@sts that are average in size.

Watch the video here:

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