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Naija lady confession: Sleeping with a man does not make you cheap but to know if he can perform: video


The lady advised ladies not to look at themselves very cheap but to see it as an opportunity to the level of man if he can perform well on the bed not when the relationship had gone too far. At that time, because of love, she would not be able to go back after knowing the man. The lady will cheat outside the relationship with the man because of his weakiness.

When you have s@x with someone new for the first time, it can be hard. Of course, there are moments when you meet someone, and everything just seems to click into place. Other times it’s really awkward and uncomfortable.

Your first s@x is a real escalation or breaking point. You see the other person very clearly, smell them, taste them, hear them and you feel them. You learn whether they have a sense of humour in bed, whether they listen, are relaxed, inhibited, a prude, pushy… The brain gathers an enormous amount of information on the things that say a great deal about someone.

Don’t forget, women can have s@x for all kinds of reasons. It’s not always to make a long-term relationship. You can use sex in the same way that men use s@x, such as for immediate pleasure because you’re away and won’t see that person again. I have had excellent s@x with somebody with who I knew I would never want a long-term partnership. But, there’s no question about it, good s@x is going to trigger the brain systems that push you towards romance and attachment.

As for bad s@x? It will probably make what’s really going on in your head – and your heart – a lot clearer than that bottle of wine.

Watch the video here how he described Naija men who are weak on bed:

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