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Naija ladies shared their views why they like big p@nis but men want tight v@gina(video)


The two slay queens on social media shared their opinion of the type of p@nis they will enjoy with a man during sexu@l intercourse but on the other way, round men preferred tight v@gina.

When people speak of p@nis size, they typically refer to length. Thus, a man with a short but wide p@nis would probably think of himself as having a small p@nis and would be so thought of by others, too. However, width is part of size, although usually not acknowledged. Does width contribute to female sexu@l satisfaction? Is length more important? Or, perhaps size is unrelated to female sexu@l enjoyment.

Do guys care about v@gina size? Do most guys have a preference for large or small? My v@gina is a little on the larger side, and I’m a tad self-conscious about it.

Does each v@gina feel different? Of course. So do hands and thighs and feet and noses. But while most straight guys don’t fetishize noses or hands or thighs or feet, every straight guy loves what’s between a woman’s legs. So relax.

Everybody is different. What feels good to one person might not feel so good to another. But, let’s be honest, even if common wisdom is that tighter is better, guys vary much more dramatically in genit@l size in ways that matter most. The difference is this: Guys tend to shrug off juvenile jokes about small di@ks, but jokes about whether a woman is tight or “loose” tend to be more cruel, degrading, and loaded with moral judgment.

Watch the video here reason they want it big :

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  • These are unserious ladies who sleep around with monkeys and dogs because of their desire.God will save men from their choice

  • These types of girls double date and sleep outside well with the way they for your life my brother

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