Mum & daughter, 19 who share daily naked showers and scrub each other down

A mother and daughter have opened up about their daily showers together in the second season of sMothered – really. sMothered, which documents some overbearing bonds between mother and daughter, returns next week with 55-year-old mum Mary, who still bathes every day with her 19-year-old daughter Brittani.

In the episode, the pair from Jensen Beach, Florida, are seen jumping naked into the shower together, with Mary following Brittani in before washing her daughter’s back and shampooing her hair. The pair are both chuffed with the arrangement though, and Mary tells the cameras: ‘I have been taking showers and helping Brittani since she was five.

‘The best way to start our day is in the shower.’ ‘When my mom does simple things like washing my hair or my body, it makes me feel comforted,’ Brittani added.

Mary puts down their daily routine to when Brittani was a child and hated hot water. In a bid to help her be less scared of it, Brittani would get in with her in order to soothe her.

The pair do everything together – including sharing a bed – which causes problems for Mary’s live-in boyfriend Frank, who now wants Brittani to move out.

This causes some serious friction in the trailer, with Brittani flat out refusing, saying that if anyone is to leave, it should be him. Mary is firmly on her daughter’s side as well, declaring that she doesn’t want her to leave, and is seen angrily staring at her other half over the confrontation.

But Brittani is later heard admitting she fears moving out of the family home because her mum would ‘die of separation anxiety’

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