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Man lost focus as he salivated staring at huge backside of lady in a club (video)


The man was sitting down alone losing focus as he salivates on seeing the huge backside of a slay queen and could not hold himself.

When you go to a club around you, anything can happen, belief or not because you meet different kinds of people who come from different tribes and beliefs.

Some of the people are from the low, high and middle class from society come to enjoy themselves but it is unfortunate, that some men and women behaved in different ways.

The lady wore a hoodie and was dancing to a Hiphop song being played at the venue in what looks like an exclusive party.

She rested her backside on a sofa while whining her waist and that was what pulled the lusty settings in the man.

He could not stop admiring the lady as he fixed his eyes on her producing bums and fed hungry soul with the sensuality she emitted.

Watch the video here:

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