Love has no boundary if only you know the tips & learn from this couple: video

How many African ladies will be proud of their partners in public function? No matter the statue or physical appearance your man may be, it does mean because love has no boundary.

If want your relationship or marriage to last , then you need to sacrifice some thing in your life if you had the experience of broken marriage or relationship and you do not want to end up as single old lady or uncle.

In our society, men and ladies are too selective when it comes to relationship and marriage without knowing if they are compatible.

If you are a tall lady and you meet a short man who is in love with you, then settle down and stop looking for yahoo or fine guy who is not ready for you but to cheat and drop you.

If you are a rich guy doing well in your life but look for a beautiful lady with the same statue with you but end up disappointing, cheating on you. It does mean you will not get a lady who will love you. Change your thinking and go for a lady who will love you from a low class.

If you want to get the true love of your life, as a proverb say, two masters can not live together under the same roof in a house, one will be gentle and the other will be sharp.

No matter, how many guys or ladies had broken your heart into pieces, you can still pick up the piece and start it again as long there is life, there is hope if only you are ready to start all over again which will benefit you and give you peace of mind.

When you meet your partner, both of you will be free to talk to each other, sharing your secret without fear, if you only you are ready to sacrifice. If you are the type who keep secret, then, your relationship or marriage will not last.( I am not talking of bad one that will make your partner commit suicide, ladies know how to keep such secret to the grave even after getting married and grew old)

Do not allow any man or lady to spoil your life when you will think of committing suicide unknowingly when you are stressed. This life is a global village and is too short for anyone to reduce it but to enjoy it if you know it.

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