#LekkiMassacre:Tinubu Reacts to Killings at Lekki Toll gate & Nigerians should read the facts that he does not know any thing about it:video

First am not a follower or Tinubu associate or ally neither my write up is for APC or PDP.I want to leverage my presentation on our spirit of brotherhood.Yorubas should be careful and sit down and think well on the on going destruction of Lagos values the seat of Nigeria economy and the pride of the yorubas States.

Let us use our heads and manage this situation. This was how civil war started even i was an infant but met carcass.We know the cost to the yorubas. North and East are not destroying their values especially where curfew are imposed.When we join hands with none indigenes who are out there to destroy the seat of Yoruba pride of place and return to there respective state of origins what are we going to be left with. Meyatti Alla accused Tinubu for sponsoring the End SARS no Yoruba man rose to attack Meyatti. Now the Chief of Staff of Nigeria Army ordered military to beef up security in all states. So the military action in Lagos is rumoured that it was Tinubu that ordered military action.whether counterfeit or genuine Is Tinubu the head of States neither is he the Commander in Chief? Who should be held responsible for the military action? The southerners expecially the west has been clamouring for restructuring go back to 1963 constitution and by extension 1999 constitution.

In fact the situation has snowballed into Blkanisation now.Curfew started in Edo after wanton destruction of properties and lives nobody hold the state governor responsible, all their indigenes home and outside the state did not shout down obaseki for stopping the protest. Now a curfew was imposed aftermath a massive destruction of innocent and govt properties it is now aberration and offence against the state government and individual for shared personal hatred. Why are yorubas becomes so cheap to allow easy external influence to destroy their values. When the civil war started it was not directed to the North. It was directed to the east and Yoruba land. Ore and mid west fell into the hands of the rebels and on their approach to Ondo the yorubas rose to change the game.

Lagos was hit by 30000ltrs petrol bombs many lives were lost at Casino cinema in Adekunle and the story can continue for another day. At the same time the rebel hired a Portuguese mercinary fighter to come and bomb Lagos. Those who were old and lived in Lagos then could tell you the bitter experience of the past. Thank God the military were able to bring down the jet. The question is the rebels did not face the North when really Gowon a northerner was the head of States. Why didn’t they send the jet fighter to the North and why the West. The same people are pushing us against ourselves and name calling to destroy our values. Can’t yorubas sit for a minute and think. Why do we allow the enemies to think for us,? Why do we allow them to instigate us.

The North is shouting Tinubu sponsored the protest and the East instigating Tinubu ordered the military to model.This i think we should see as avenue to set us against ourselves. Then we should destroy our pride and enviable seat of economy. Ti idi ba baje ti oni idi lo da. Yoruba ero nu just for a second. I want to believe those burning properties are led by politically disgruntled enemies of yorubas and destroying yorubas values. I thought if non indigenes could be bold to lead such. When the military refused to handover to MKO the non indigenes abandoned Lagos and west to count our woes. Yoruba ro nu. I personally supported the protest but when it has no leader or leaders to control and manage the protest and d hoodlums hijacked it making live difficult to the citizens that are going about their businesses.

If the govt imposed curfew to protest arson there is nothing bad in that. They can always go back repackage the protest and after the curfew is lifted they run to the street with the police support. Its sad,disheartening and very unfortunate the lives that are wasted. Yoruba lands must be protected and jealously guided and not turn to theatre of war because of hatred and inunibini.Use of abusive and uncouced words among ourselves as brothers should be eschewed.After this imbroglio awa ara wa lo ma ku.Eje ka se ra wa lokan.

For those who cannot divorce politics from hatred and envy, I have questions for them.

They would say :
“Tinubu is a thief“.
“Tinubu owns Lagos”.
“Tinubu is Fulani slave”.

Are Yoruba Land and Yoruba heritage Tinubu’s property?

They are hiding under protest and hatred for Tinubu to execute coordinated attacks on Yoruba interests and Yoruba are hailing them.

•BRT Buses and Stations.
•Media Houses (People’s Vioce and means of livelihood.
•County Hospital
•Lekki Toll Gate

They were heading for The RAILWAY WORKSHOP at EBUTE-META before Police repelled them.

•Trade Fair is intact.
•Ladipo is intact.
•Mazamaza is intact.
•Jibowu and Iddo parks are intact.
•Alaba is intact.

Yet Tinubu is their target!

Watch the video below:

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