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Lady was maltreated by her friend because she had s@x with her man: video


The lady was treated badly because she went out with another man that was dating her friend.

Men will date two ladies at the same time but ladies can not do it.

Most of the time, queer ladies have to explain how their sex and love lives aren’t dramatically different from those of their hetero counterparts — love is love, relationships are relationships.

As amazing as friendships are for people who are in romantic relationships, having a big circle and worse, letting every member of that circle into your love business may not be such a good idea. The bigger your circle, the higher the chance that there will be a mole in it. The more people you have up in your business, the higher the possibility that negative energy will be let into your relationship with your man or woman.

All friends are not necessarily friends; and having a few numbers of them does not take away all the risk of having your affairs polluted by jealousy, envy and bad advice; but it does cut down on its possibility. With a large circle, intent becomes even difficult to track. What’s real and what’s not gets muddled up in the crowd. More ears will likely become privy to your affairs.

Dating someone with many friends and a loose mouth leaves your affairs open to so much criticism, unnecessary assessments and a lot of strange influences.

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