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Ladies displayed madness after hanging out with yahoo boy: video


The lady was used by a ritual wealthy guy who slept with her and spiritually collected her destiny turning her to be a mad lady.

Dating a yahoo boy or ritual rich guy is the most dangerous thing any lady should indulge in. Unfortunately, many young ladies who do runs are always the victims they use for sacrifice to get wealth.

Yahoo boys are arrested with a bunch of super-expensive luxury cars worth millions of naira that they probably can never explain how they are able to afford them legally.

Yahoo boys do not operate alone or use one single method to scam people. These evil perpetrators usually operate as a group or a large network of like-minded people with different roles in their scamming business. They use different “formats” in scamming people and some of their popular formats include;

Impersonation or Phishing
Offering to sell expensive items at ridiculously cheap prices
Offering to sell imported products like Tokunbo cars at cheaper prices by claiming to be traders or dealers operating from land borders
Running fake Advertisements to lure vulnerable people
Social Media dating using fake identities
Posing as Nigerian Customs officers sneaking to sell seized items at cheaper prices
Bank Credit/Debit card details theft.

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