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How to identify a man or lady who does ritual money

Due to the hard economy of the country nowadays many guys have been involved in many uncles acts to get money, some involve in yahoo, others rituals and other wicked acts.

Many cases have been reported of guys killing their girlfriends and using them for ritual acts, while some are caught some are not caught and hence they get away with this hideous and shameful act.

  1. Always locks a separate room and tells you not to enter there.

This is a major sign, if your boyfriend does this it means that he may be practising some ritual acts in that room that he doesn’t want you to be aware.

If you notice your boyfriend is buying cars and expensive kinds of stuff and he doesn’t have a job or source of income it means he might be into rituals or unclean acts to get money.

  1. Always leaving the house by 12 midnight.

This is a very important sign to watch out for, he might be going to carry out some ritual acts.

  1. A ritualist lifestyle is always different and strange : On a normal day we all can kinda judge and identify a ritualist because of their lifestyles , a ritualist sometimes give or spend too much money at times without thinking about him overspending because he knows there’s more from where the money came from. For instance, there was a man who has tons of money and can spend so much on people but can’t or would never spend on his family.

Their lifestyles are always so strange and not normal, some other ritualists may spend on their families but ate not allowed to marry.

Most of them tend to overspend, they spend like there’s no tomorrow, they spend so lavishly and excessively. They love making friends: One of the many reasons why these sets of people love making friends is because they need people for their money to grow more.

They party a lot: One of the ways this set of people live is by organizing a lot of parties. These set of people love parties because they use these avenues to use people for their evil purposes

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