How to be romantic & respectful to your husband & wife when you need something :Video

You wonder why we have a large number of broken relationship and marriage just because you are not romantic and do not have self-respect for each other.

Self-respect is something that a couple do know, is common this day every man want self -respect to himself along with no caring if his wife also deserves it. There are ways of doing it. Women need to know how they approach their husband with issues that bother them at home. When you are pregnant for your husband, not just given him the result. Be romantic for once by surprising your man in a romantic. Some go to a lady who is in a relationship.

Self-respect is one of the principle in marriage and relationship for a man to love his wife, he needs to treat her like her sister, not just a slave. The same goes to a lady.

Be romantic in your marriage and relationship if you want it to last for long. Treat your wife like a queen and ladies treat your man like a king. Find a romantic name for your wife and husband not just calling her local name at home. Men love women who are romantic and ladies love it also. we are in the modern world.

All of these thing does cost money, it is depend how you do it. Not just putting foods on the table, arrange the like king palace and you will see that your husband and children love it.

Men takes care of your wife car, not until when the car break down along the road, she will love it. give her the little you have and she will appreciate it.Some time, tell her not to cook but other the food from fast food. She is not your slave either your house help.Our culture believes women are to cook but no, the world had changed.

Men and women work to earn money and take care of the house needs.Do not use your weakness again each other ,learn to adopt to it and appreciate your yourself.

Do not listen to gossiping or ramous about your wife or husband for third party, they are house breaker. Trust and believe in your marriage that it will work.

There is no perfect marriage anywhere, do not allow any one to deceive you.

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