How many men will give a strange lady $10k without asking for s@x: True live story video


The video will touch every man out there and you will change your mind if you are the type who gives and takes something vital from every ladies who come your way..

Giver never lacks if you believe it.Take every ladies or woman that come your way as your sister. this will reduce your sex libido.Through ladies will think you want sex from them when you help but no all of them.

When you give ladies money or something they do not expect,they respect you more and by so doing,you save your self from sexual abuse.

If the FCMB managing director had avoid the sexual desire by promoting the married woman without asking for sex in return, because both of them are married. He could not have be sacked from his position,he had worked for so many years.

There is nothing you gain from sleeping around with different ladies and married women.Women virgin is just like a deep well,it does not have meter or will full.

Sex is good if you are married and do you know that the amount of sperm that comes out of your brick makes your body system weak day by day and it fertilize the lady you are making love together.

Most ladies respect men who do not sleep around with different ladies and married women and you also build trust with in your children.

Watch the video below before you comment:

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