How corona virus effects will be on Trump during the presidential election ?

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The coronavirus pandemic has dominated headlines in the US since the start of the year and the response to President Trump’s actions has been split predictably along party lines.

Support for his approach peaked in mid-March after he declared a national emergency and made $50 billion available to states to stop the spread of the virus. At this point, 55% of Americans approved of his actions, according to data from Ipsos, a leading polling company.

But any support he had from Democrats disappeared after that, while Republicans continued to back their president.

The most recent data, however, suggests even his own supporters have begun to question his response as states in the south and the west of the country have dealt with renewed outbreaks of the virus. Republican support had fallen to 78% by early July.

This may explain why he has been less optimistic about coronavirus recently, warning that the situation will “get worse before it gets better”

He also donned a face mask for the first time recently and called on Americans to wear them, saying “they’ll have an effect” and show “patriotism”.

One leading model produced by experts at the University of Washington predicts the death toll will have passed 230,000 by 1 November – just two days before the election.

Why are Americans so angry about masks?

Can we trust the polls?
It’s easy to dismiss the polls by saying they got it wrong in 2016 and President Trump frequently does exactly that. But it’s not entirely true.

Most national polls did have Hillary Clinton ahead by a few percentage points, but that doesn’t mean they were wrong, since she won three million more votes than her rival.

Pollsters did have some problems in 2016 – notably a failure to properly represent voters without a college degree – meaning Mr Trump’s advantage in some key battleground states wasn’t spotted until late in the race, if at all. Most polling companies have corrected this now.

But this year there’s even more uncertainty than normal due to the coronavirus pandemic and the effect it’s having on both the economy and how people will vote in November, so all polls should be read with some scepticism, especially this far out from election day.

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  • I do not agree with your point.God will will be done.The world is facing terrible disease right now and I do not know if the election will go well.

  • Trump might lose the presidential election because most black do not like him and he has alot of enemies in his country at the moment.The man is opened and most people do not like people who say the truth.

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