Groom dipped his hand inside his bride’s breast to bring out food particles (video)


Every lady prayed for this type of wedding to happen in their life time but unfortunately, many guys date ladies for months or years before they propose to them for marriage.

Nigerian groom forced his bride to eat on their traditional wedding day but unfortunately, some food particles fell inside his bride who did not wear a bra under her breast and immediately he dipped his hand inside her in public without knowing that the cameraman was videoing both of them while he was bringing out the small food.

Brides these days realize that dressing as a bride shouldn’t be a restrictive or rule-driven process – it’s actually an extension of your normal style and it’s your opportunity to show your best self and your unique self, Women want to look their best on their wedding day. They want their wedding to be perfect and the wedding dress to be stunning. In the sea of beautiful gowns, the bride wants to stand out.

Before your wedding gets taken over by the plans, decisions and opinions of everyone around you, take a few steps back and get serious about setting expectations before others get involved.

Sit down with your fiancé and create a must-have list of things you definitely want (and don’t want) at your wedding, even if other people won’t end up agreeing. Decide what both of you want to hold onto and what tasks you’re okay with giving to friends and family members.

With a game plan in mind, you’ll limit people who want to attach themselves to your big day and keep them from overstepping.

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