Germany launches virus-tracing app

Germany’s coronavirus contact-tracing app is available for users. It was developed by Deutsche Telekom and software firm SAP. Hopes are being pinned on the app as a way of limiting the spread of the coronavirus.

After delays to ensure the bluetooth technology would work at the correct distance, the government says the app will be a vital tool to help avoid a second wave of infections.

“It’s coming this week,” Spahn told ARD television, but he declined to confirm German media reports that the app would be launched on Tuesday.

The app uses bluetooth short-range radio to detect and contact people at risk of infection by coronavirus and does not rely on a centralised database. Deutsche Telekom and software company SAP are involved.

Italy launched a similar app last week.

Spahn also urged people wishing to go on holiday after European border controls are eased on Monday to be careful and ask themselves whether their trip was necessary.

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