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Fulani man caught selling poisonous drink for sexual enhancement which many Naija men drink (video)

The majority of men in Nigeria take local sexual enhancement drinks to boost their performance during sex with ladies but it is unfortunate that many people do not what kind of substances they mix together to produce these drinks.

The Abonki man was caught red-handed when they poured his drink on a food pack, it immediately destroyed the pack into a piece,

This is what caused sickness and health problems to many Nigerian unknowingly.

Sex stimulants continue to gain an unprecedented level of popularity especially among Nigerian men, who use these aphrodisiacs for sexual pleasures.

This contradicts the popular belief that reduced sex drive majorly occurs in individuals, in the pursuit of increased stamina and improved libido, several men have resorted to the use of stimulants and drinks thought or said to be an avenue to sexual pleasures. medical professionals warn that rather than enhancing sexual prowess, regular users could be putting their long-term health at risk. Hundreds of hawkers ply the bustling streets of Lagos and other Nigerian towns and cities selling such herbal drinks, despite their unknown and untested effects on the male sex drive.

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