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Elon Musk: 2nd richest man in the world treats his workers badly:video

It’s time Elon Musk treat his workers with the dignity and respect they deserve.Is it true?

People who have worked with Musk have given similarly diverging accounts to Business Insider and other publications, saying Musk can be both brilliant and temperamental.

Tesla employees who worked with Musk or interacted with him on multiple occasions shared their impressions of him. (Eight requested anonymity for fear of reprisal from the electric-car maker.)

Multiple employees who worked or interacted with Musk noted his intelligence.

“He’s highly intelligent. He’s already 10 steps ahead of you,” a former manager said. “You have to think 10 times more audacious than he does to be able to be successful.”

If Musk liked your idea, he wouldn’t hesitate to put it into action, the former manager added.

A former manufacturing engineer said Musk had very high standards, which could lead him to discard someone’s work and tell them to start over.

The former Tesla engineer said Musk sometimes took that impulse too far, increasing costs and reducing efficiency, but the quality of Tesla’s vehicles is a testament to Musk’s perfectionism.

“Tesla is an engineer’s paradise where the pencil is literally never down,” the former Tesla engineer said.

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