Dancer Pocolee slammed by female dancers for sexualizing one of them during her performance at an event (video)

Pocolee has been called out by female dancers for sexualiizing one of their colleagues while she was performing on stage.

Xterberry was performing at an event when Pocolee, a dancer himself, who was sitting in the crowd, pulled a tasteless stunt.

“Psy psy so yummy,” Pocolee said filming the dance while zooming in on Xterberry’s lady parts.

This angered other dancers who slammed him for disrespecting the female dancer in that manner.

People pointed out that Xterberry is a hardworking woman who minds her craft, yet Pocolee reduced her by sexualizing her.

They went on to share a video of Xterberry behind stage writing an exam and studying just before her performance. They pointed out that she is more than just a “p**sy” and shouldn’t be reduced to that.

watch the video here”:


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