Confession: The reason some ladies do not wear pant to church

It is no longer a new thing any more that ladies do not wear pant to all the new generation churches to get get the attention of young millionaires men who had made it. If you asked any beautiful Nigerian lady if will marry poor man, her response will be no and that is the reason many of them fall into the victim of men who sleep with them and drop them like a tissue of paper and you can not count the number of men who they had to have sex with them.

A lady exposed why many rich men in churches fall into the hand of small girls just because they can not control their sexual habit. Immediately, they ladies curve without wearing pant,they follow them and end up bankrupt, because most of these ladies are not ready to settle down but to settle down as single mother.

50% of ladies want do not want men to control them like slave at home but to prefer to enjoy social life and attract men with their curve and collect money. The only place you can get such such men are in the churches.

In recent times, we’ve seen how young people especially Christian brought up young adults have taken the faith lackadaisically. As they have either mocked or tagged believers hypocrites and on the other hand, some have also taken their vile/polluted lifestyles into the church.

This can be observed in how promiscuous they dress, talk and even carry themselves. In essence one can’t necessarily differentiate them from the unbelievers.

A young and rather stunning young lady has drawn so much attention to herself after posting what can only be described as a thirst trap on twitter. Although her caption is seemingly true, she got many man drooling, NaijaCover Reports.

Known simply as Wandz, the middle-aged looking lady dropped on twitter two photos of herself, saying she had forgotten to wear her underpants before stepping out to church in a tight mini skirt and an armless white crop top.

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