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Compare how decent Nigerians dressed & had fun in 1960 night club to modern-day (video)


The way it used to be in 1960 when people attended nightclubs to relax and have fun where both the rich and poor mixed together dressed in native attire compared with our modern fashion.

Fashion is usually in a constant state of flux. There is therefore a need to stay up to date. people do not wear cloth that will expose their body naked and curve that would make guys be crazy about you in 1960 but today, especially on Friday nights of today, are filled with fun and so much glam and its best to make sure you are dressed to meet up to the occasion., you can rock some very casual outfits. We want to style you up pretty for all your different events tonight. You want to look either sexy, classy or casual tonight

Men’s fashion in recent times seems to be influenced by European and American trends, while this is true to a large extent, it is not entirely true. A lot of fashion items in vogue today are only a modification of some styles that people rocked in the ‘60s. From the wide-brimmed hats to the skinny trousers, the style of the past seems to be finding expression in present-day Nigeria yet again.

The Highlife was a crowd-puller in those days. Such that when a live band was performing highlife, people would troop inside the club to dance and enjoy the music in 1960.

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