Careless young guy was rushed to hospital after putting ring on Kokoro in desperate bid to make it bigger

A man’s Kokoro was left extremely swollen after he tried enlarging it with a metal ring for Valentine’s Day.

The unnamed man wanted to impress his date on Valentine’s Day and had heard a simple trick using only the contents of his toolbox could do the job.

However, in a turn of events, the metal rings became stuck and was only removed after medics sliced through it with a metal-cutter.

He told medics: “I was terrified that I would need my Kokoro amputated. It had swollen so much that I thought it would burst.”

The man from Bangkok, Thailand believed that by putting his kokoro through a nut, it would enlarge and strengthen it by forcing blood into the glands.

However, after using baby oil to slide his kokoro into the nut, the next day his p@nis started to swell. He began experiencing pain and was unable to remove it.

Rescue volunteer Winai Pong said: “This was one of the strangest cases we have ever encountered.

“Most of the time it’s only people getting their finger stuck in a ring, so it was surprising when we arrived at the man’s house and he had his kokoro stuck in there.

“We knew that cutting the nut wouldn’t be a problem, as we used the same technique with finger rings, but we were just worried about the pain the man would be experiencing while removing it.”

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