Bride’s white wedding gown turned brown, the groom carried her as the car gets stuck on a muddy road (video)


Many wedding couples in Nigeria will prefer using jeep due to bad road or any car that does not have any problem. Some have their personal car but they will go the extra mile to rent or borrow a car and jeep from their friends.

Just about a few days ago, couple was heading to church for their wedding when the car broke down on a busy muddy road

The situation forced the groom to fold his trousers and step into the muddy water to save the bride.

He carried her while walking in the muddy water to a dryer ground for her to sit in another vehicle but the dreaded situation which was being avoided happened eventually.

The bride forgot that her gown was long, so she needed to hold it up in a way that it would not fall into the muddy water.

Watch the video here:

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