Black man was arrested by police while preaching along the street: video

Nigeria is the only place in the world you will preach and the police will not arrest you.

The only problem you will have is the issue of kidnapping and getting killed by bandits or Boko Haram because the teaching is against the Muslim religion.

Public preaching is the act of evangelizing a religious faith in public places. It is an ancient method of proselytizing a religious or social message.

Here are a few tips for sharing the word of God out on the street:-
Check you are in a public area – many shopping centres are privately owned
Make sure you have enough space to not cause an obstruction – but don’t choose somewhere too large
Don’t be so loud it causes annoyance with people walking past or the local traders
Don’t block the entrance to shops
Don’t get into arguments with people
Be bold but not aggressive
Concentrate on the main issues of God’s love and forgiveness – avoid getting caught in debates about sexuality, gender etc. Usually, people wanting to engage on these issues will have an agenda of their own which will be a distraction
Seek to engage with people and not just shout at them
Know when to be firm and stand your ground and when to shut up and pack up. Sometimes it’s better to stop, let the dust settle and start again, either on the same spot or just down the road
Don’t be frightened of being heckled – it happens rarely but when it does, it can draw more people and gather interest.

The man followed all the rules but the policeman still stopped him from doing the work of God.

Watch the video:

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