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A lawyer shared a pictures of a dirtest apartment a landlord is renting for 350,000

Ifeanyi Chiemeka has shocked Twitter users after he took to the platform to share photos of an apartment a landlord in Aguda, Surulere, is renting out for 350,000 Naira per annum.

He added that though the rent is 350K, the total package will cost the tenant 520,000 Naira.

Sharing photos of the interior of the apartment, the Nigerian writer/lawyer wrote: “Apparently, a landlord at Aguda in Surulere wants to collect N350, 000 as basic rent for this. N520,000 total package. You people in #Lagos have your consciences seared with hot iron, because what in the dog shed is this? Hell is too mild for house agents.”

Twitter users reacted by stating that the apartment is not ”worthy for animals to live in let alone humans.”

See photos of the interior below.

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  • oh lawyer go built your own and see how it is to build house in Lagos. Non sense, they will driving big car but they will plan their own house.

  • Pls,stop this noise making, are u d one who built d house,if u are not comfortable, look for another place

  • Look another place bros,u aren’t force to take,but one thing for sure,u will see that some people will pay for issue in Lagos is a big problem and government is not doing any thing about it

  • Sue the landlord,na you built the house.with this kind of money,you are looking for decent house.Sorry oh,dont deceive your self,thing had changed in the country

  • Stop complaining,do you have enough money? securing a house in Lagos is very expensive.manage it and put it in your shape you like.

  • Manage it bros,na money dey talk get 1 million naira,if u need a decent place. House is too expensive in Lagos

  • I suffered alot to secure an accommodation in Lagos.I had to exercise patient but finallt, I got one which I had to put in my taste before I moved in.Sorry bros.